We support IT teams, legal departments and digital innovation leaders to enable them to implement their projects with in-depth legal advice.

We also intervene at the request of investment funds or law firms to carry out legal audits (due diligence) in the context of mergers and acquisitions operations in order to identify areas of legal risk and negotiate the guarantee of assets and liabilities.

We regularly work for French or foreign law firms to meet the needs of their clients in our areas of expertise. Conversely, we use these same foreign firms for our clients when a foreign regulation and/or law is intended to apply to their activity.

Personal Data

GDPR compliance audit

Design of compliance programs

Support for the development of the register of treatments

Drafting of internal policies

Carrying out impact studies (PIA)

Supervision of the transfer of personal data outside the European Union

Analysis and recommendations on the implementation of technical and organizational security measures

Drafting of the privacy policy of personal data and the information policy on cookies for websites

Writing of information notices to be included on collection forms, emails or SMS advertising communication, etc.

Drafting and negotiation of agreements with personal data processors (DPAs)

Intellectual Property

Drafting and negotiation of copyright assignment contracts (software, websites, etc.)

Drafting and negotiation of license agreements or assignment of trademarks

Analysis of the transmission chains of intellectual property rights and drafting of copyright assignment contracts in case of need for regularization

Determination of the ownership of intellectual property rights on works created by employees, trainees or service providers and drafting of regularization contracts, if necessary

Analysis of the ownership of patents and the rights of inventors, and drafting of assignment or license contracts in case of need for regularization

Business Secrecy

Evaluation of the secrecy protection measures implemented

Drafting of confidentiality agreements (NDAs) or confidentiality clauses

Awareness training

Computer contracts

Drafting, review and negotiation of strategic IT contracts, on the client or publisher side (development, integration, licensing, outsourcing contracts, etc.), or implementation of contractual references (Master agreement, CGA, GTC, etc.) developed to specifically meet your needs

Drafting and review of your developers’ employment contracts

Support on the legal aspects of information systems security (ISS) and cybersecurity

Defusing pre-litigation by implementing a legal strategy

Open Source

Legal support for commercial companies wishing to secure their use of Open Source: legal audits of the Open Source components used to identify any so-called “contaminating” or “copyleft” licenses, support in the drafting of the documentation accompanying the distribution of the software

Legal support for companies based on an Open Source model: legal audits of the Open Source components used and the compatibility of the associated licenses, assistance in determining the global license for redistribution of the final software

Drafting of internal policies to regulate the use of Open Source components (Open Source Policy, Contribution Policy, etc.)

Awareness of your developers of the legal issues related to the use of Open Source components

Artificial Intelligence

Legal support on the client side to secure the use of technologies integrating artificial intelligence, or on the supplier side to draft contracts relating to the supply of these technologies

Support to anticipate the impacts of the future European Regulation on artificial intelligence systems: help in mapping artificial intelligence systems, risk assessment, training

Web 3

Assistance to understand the legal challenges of your projects in terms of blockchain, crypto assets, NFT and metaverse, including:


– drafting of NFT copyright assignment contracts to be integrated into a smart contract
– drafting of General Terms and Conditions of Sale (GTC) or Services (GTC) of Web3 platforms
– legal review of your white papers and websites

Case Studies